Time to say goodbye

Time to let go toxic people

People who always think negatively have a way of making things adverse. They have the power of making even the most positive situation or the thing into a negative one. No matter how hard you try to convenience them that everything is okay, everything is alright and happy, they’ll still find a reason to criticize it. When you appreciate something and someone close to you criticizes it, it can make you feel low and angry …

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13 productive things to do when bored

Since due to the current situation, we all are staying at our homes to prevent the spread of the virus, one may feel like it’s completely impossible to escape.

But don’t worry, I’ve listed out 13 things that are productive and fun to spend your time and lift up your mood and make you feel lighter 🙂

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Fall in love 💕

Falling in love is beautiful, and for experiencing this beautiful experience, it’s not always necessary that you have to have another person.You can fall for so many things around you… like..

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Keep smiling 🥰

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One way

Have you ever been to a one-way road?
Like there’s no coming back. You can solely go in one way.

Life is also like that.. isn’t it?
We can only move ahead in life.. can’t step behind no matter how bad we want to go back in past to change a few things or to experience them again. Surely there are curls and twirls and we have to prefer directions but can’t undo the taken decision.

Sometimes, we knowingly pursue a specific path and assume that we’ll reach the chosen destination, and sometimes we feel forfeited with zero faith.

Sometimes we don’t even know where the road on which we’re walking will ultimately take us, but we nonetheless keep walking, seizing small steps, every step is ample of hope, hope that one day we’ll discover our path and attain our fate, wherever we are meant to be, regardless of the path, gaining experiences, learning and accumulating remembrances on the mysterious path.. to our one-way path.

Keep smiling 😊

Stay blessed 🌼

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Spread your wings and fly high

The scariest part
Is letting go
When you’re
Stuck in the dark
& a little Heartbroke
Looking at the sky
Hoping one night
I will fly
Wings spread right
High in the sky
Spreading light
On my ride
One day I’ll be
My own
Flashlight 🔦

Keep smiling 🤗

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️