Bad days..?

Are you having a bad day? or should i say.. bad days?

Well days like those.. we all have now and then.

“All of us..”

The things we wanted to work out perfectly did not worked out.
So many things we have promised ourselves, just can’t happen.

Sometimes.. it takes a little longer to arrive where you want to be and you feel frustrated.
Even the world seems to be moving on without you and you feel like you’re invisible.
All of your strength is used up and you yourself doesn’t even know how much longer you can hold on..

The faith you had is lost.. and you know what’s the the worst part, you don’t even have somebody to tell you that it’s gonna be ok.. just hold on for a little longer, everything’s gonna be alright..or something like that..

Someone who can understand or just listen atleast.
You know when will feel lost, the other person’s presence can’t help us to find our lost track but can keep the candle of faith alive in our heart.. and when you don’t have anybody around you, it becomes more difficult..unbearable.

But you know what.. besides will rise..

Your bad days will create better days for you.

You will still arrive where you want to be..

Things will work out..

You will be stronger.. maybe even more than you were before..

You will find the strength you did not know you had.. and with this strength you will pick up yourself and will achieve more than you could ever imagine.

All you need is a little trust on yourself.. you know you can do can do anything.. right.. and not giving up so easily..

So, don’t be so hard on yourself.

So what if things didn’t went according to the plan today.. Tomorrow will still come.
Tomorrow is a new day..another chance.. it’s all a part of process.. process of your journey…the journey you desire.

We need to experience all different days.. these days makes you stronger and wiser then you were the day before..Trust me, it does just keep holding on.. 🙃

© Dreamer❤️

Thanks for reading..I hope you all are doing great..😇

Keep smiling 😋


Wasteful thoughts..

Thoughts are just thoughts..

They have no power.

Whatever we are thinking right now won’t be a thing of matter after sometime if we don’t take any action..

Do you remember.. what you thought a year before? a month? a week? or even yesterday?

Thoughts are just powerless without actions..

They have no control over you so.. relax and just don’t pay attention to the wasteful and lowering thoughts.

Are you powerless? Don’t you have the power to take control of whatever that goes inside your head?
Have you given everyone the power to rule over you or to control whatever you think or thoughts and your mood..?
Your mood is changing according to the situations..that means situations control you..
Be strong enough to take charge of yourself completely in every sense. Just remember that everyone is playing their own role, their part in your journey so just accept and stop expecting so much or you’ll end up hurting or disappointing yourself.

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed🌼

© Dreamer❤️

Why people leave..

I learned that in life.. we will meet people we need to meet.. not people we want to meet, because it’s only the people who we need in life will help us to know so many things.. will teach us a lot of things, meaningful lessons, different kind of experiences and will help us to grow into the person we are meant to be and to realise that loving ourself is the most important thing in life because only when we love ourselves then we will be able to understand and love the other person.. and when people’s not like a bad thing or a punishment.. but a lesson..

The difficult one will force to figure out what we are really made up of..
The easy ones will help us to find ourselves and achieve our goals and dreams..
So we should try to accept them as they are and learn from the experience.

The most powerful thing we can do is to believe in ourselves and trust the timings of our life, while things are unfolding and helping us grow.

I know it’s easier said than done, but there is no other better option than this.

Isn’t it beautiful how God send some people to convey his message, his lessons, his teachings to us.. but sometimes instead of accepting we keep retaliating.
It’s not because we don’t trust God, it’s because we haven’t seen things from his perspective..

But eventually we all will understand that every person in our life is being sent by the God with an intention to make us a better person..
To help us to know who we really are.. To save us from wrong paths..
And after when their roles are over in our lives.. they will leave..
So know that not everyone in our lives is permanent.
People will come and go..

See this as an opportunity for bettering yourself.. instead of getting sad and joining the pity party.

Always remember.. who’s meant to be forever in our life.. and wants spend his or her life with us will stay.. always.. no matter what.. no matter how bad things are.. not because we want them but because god knows we need such kind of soul..💕

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️

Take the risk..

Sometimes in life we all have to make decisions.. not only the small ones that will change our life in small ways but the big ones that will change our life completely, that will change the whole direction of our life..

Such decisions should be based on.. in which direction you want to go.. where do you see yourself.. where do you want to be..

Sometimes you don’t want to make any decisions.. because you’re afraid to make changes in how your life is going right now.. and are way too comfortable in the place and how you are right now.

Not making a decision is also a decision.

The decision to stay the same.. but you know still water runs dry.. so it’s definitely not a good idea or a decision to stay the same for a very long time or to be at a place where you used to be.

The decisions you make should be make keeping their outcomes and consequences both in mind.. they shouldn’t be solely based on your emotions.. they should be more practical.
You are always one decision away from a totally different life.. if you don’t like where you are today, then you have to do something about it.. Only dreaming and wishing won’t work.
New decisions, new choices will lead you in a different direction.. the direction which takes you towards your goal.

Old ways won’t open new doors.

We have to make decisions we’re scared about.. because we don’t grow when we stay inside our comfort zone, in our everyday normal life..

Those decisions that makes heart beat faster should be make.. change should be initiated and accepted because nothing changes if nothing changes.. and nothing grows..
Even a seed goes through several changes in it’s lifetime to turn into a big fruitful tree.

Growth is often uncomfortable.

It’s full of unwanted feelings.. it’s messy and difficult to accept, it’s because of the human nature to resist the change or unexpected feelings or situations..
But in the end, if you want to grow, evolve you have to make decisions and have to decide practically.

Take time relax and then think about all the good outcomes and results.. and also consequences of making that decision.

Evaluate well.

Give yourself enough time and then finally make it..
Take the risk otherwise you’ll lose your opportunity or chance that you’ve been waiting for so long..

And you know what’s wrost..

The regret of lost chances.. missed opportunities and the decisions you didn’t made when you had the time,

So think about it..
Take the risk and go for it.. 😉

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️