One way

Have you ever been to a one-way road?
Like there’s no coming back. You can solely go in one way.

Life is also like that.. isn’t it?
We can only move ahead in life.. can’t step behind no matter how bad we want to go back in past to change a few things or to experience them again. Surely there are curls and twirls and we have to prefer directions but can’t undo the taken decision.

Sometimes, we knowingly pursue a specific path and assume that we’ll reach the chosen destination, and sometimes we feel forfeited with zero faith.

Sometimes we don’t even know where the road on which we’re walking will ultimately take us, but we nonetheless keep walking, seizing small steps, every step is ample of hope, hope that one day we’ll discover our path and attain our fate, wherever we are meant to be, regardless of the path, gaining experiences, learning and accumulating remembrances on the mysterious path.. to our one-way path.

Keep smiling 😊

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️


Spread your wings and fly high

The scariest part
Is letting go
When you’re
Stuck in the dark
& a little Heartbroke
Looking at the sky
Hoping one night
I will fly
Wings spread right
High in the sky
Spreading light
On my ride
One day I’ll be
My own
Flashlight 🔦

Keep smiling 🤗

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer❤️

What’s next !

Do you know what’s coming next?

Do you know what’s coming next?

I know you don’t 😛 and neither do I… in fact, nobody does.
We don’t know what comes next and you know what, the good news is… we don’t even have to.

It’s not like we have to have everything figured out where we are right now in our life.
We don’t need to figure out our complete story like what turns it will take and what twists it will face how is gonna end, etc, etc.

As our all-time favorite, the cutest Winnie the pooh said,

Life is a journey to be experienced not a problem to be solved.
So why struggle to unravel everything at the right second.
Life is simple and yet beautiful.
And I think its actual beauty prospers in its unpredictably.
If I look back a year ago, I had no idea, not even a slight impression that what would or who I’d be today.

We all are constantly living, evolving, growing, and learning through our predictably wonderful journey called life and what makes a journey adventurous and full of passion is the curiousness of what’s coming next.

Like we don’t even watch a movie or a show again (if in case that we really love that movie or show… then that’s a different scenario 😝 ) if we already know what’s the following scene then what’s the fun.. right! And it’s our life here what we are talking about… the one-time show and it wouldn’t be that much exciting if we knew how it would turn out in the end…

So all we have to do is being patient while we experience and relish our journey, embracing the unknown twists and turns of it, smiling at the fact that we don’t know what’s coming next because we write our own story as we ride through our unique and beautiful journey of life. 😌

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer ♥️

Don’t regret, regret!

Right from childhood, we are taught to live a life fully.. without any regrets…
Ever wonder why?

I think regrets aren’t the reminder of what we have done wrong but of what we could have done right in the past, in a decent way if the similar situation is confronted again… so when someone says to live a life with no regrets, that’s fine but if in case you have any… just don’t be so hard on yourself for that, rather learn to love yourself, learning from your experiences, imperfections, flaws and forgive yourself.

We all have done some blunders or took wrong decisions at times, but the key is if we won’t feel bad for making them we will not realize the importance of the right decisions that we have to make in order to prevent our own self and those who are close to us from getting hurt… but you know what, if you want to evolve as a person you have to accept the fact that you have made some mistakes and if you still have the chance to correct them, then you should.

Acknowledging one’s fault is one of the considerable steps one can take in the process of self-growth.
One should ratify and take responsibility for all the actions and decisions that he or she takes.

Accepting one’s accomplishments and success is very easy but accepting one’s downfall and regrets are not, but remember… if you want to grow as a person you have to make some risky decisions on the way, so coming back to the point, after accepting your regrets you should be solely okay with that and make peace with it.

When I look back, I learn many things that I could have done or dealt with in a better way but I can’t and that’s okay. I have ratified the fact that the past cannot be changed but the future can. The pen is in my hand. I can’t rewrite the way I’ve dealt with the things earlier, but I can improve the present. Some regrets make me laugh… and others enlighten me life lessons.

If you don’t let the past die then it won’t let you live.

So, when you’re at stability with your regrets, not heavy with burdens of the past… the lighter you can easily move forward to better things in life.

A life without regret is a life not lived.

If you haven’t made any mistake, haven’t taken any decisions on your own, never done anything… then what you’ve done in life?
Just went with the flow…
Remember, only the dead fishes go with the flow.

I can say that I am not a dead fish. Honestly, I have an actually long list of regrets 😛 and I know you can relate too, but having a lot of regrets doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person (at least you’re aware of your own decisions that you’ve made in the past) or you have any disastrous decision-making ability, it’s just that you lacked wisdom at that time. Wisdom is healed pain and is attained with the experiences only.

Having regrets means you have endured, dealt with the circumstances, uncovered life lessons and you could do better.

So embrace your regrets, cherish your silly missteps, laugh at them, learn from them, and if you still get a shot at it… alter them, but nonetheless accept them.

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Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer♥️

A warrior

Each of us has a warrior within us.

Sometimes, you have to be strong.. not because you want to, but that’s the only pick you have left.

You cannot go back and you can’t skip to the future, so what you are left with you is the present and the only choice that you have to make.. of being strong, confronting challenges, and battling with your own demons at the same time and keep moving ahead.

We generally find ourselves in a perpetual war. Not a war with someone outside like a Supernatural creature or a monster which is running around to find and slay you and you have to fight that antagonist to conserve your vitality but it is more like the ones that run inside your sense that you have to fight and that war makes you a tougher person, a warrior.

Each of us has a warrior inside of us… some of us are conscious of that side of us and others aren’t, but eventually, we all will meet the warrior version of ourselves when it’s meant to be.

Tough circumstances & difficult moments mend us to be who we destined to be… A true warrior that fights for what he or she believes without holding back, revolting devils inside the head and fiercely going towards the dreams, knocking the obstacles and monsters down courageously with the burning flame in heart to acquire them without letting that fire fade away.

Keep smiling 😋

Stay blessed 🌼

© Dreamer♥️