13 productive things to do when bored

Since due to the current situation, we all are staying at our homes to prevent the spread of the virus, one may feel like it’s completely impossible to escape.

But don’t worry, I’ve listed out 13 things that are productive and fun to spend your time and lift up your mood and make you feel lighter 🙂

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Author: Taruna ❤

Sensitive , Wild & Old Soul 🌼

15 thoughts on “13 productive things to do when bored”

      1. There is site called, ’16 personalities’.. they ask you so many questions ( literally so many that there is fair chance that you close it in the middle) but the result is surprisingly accurate. And they give the whole report about your strength.. weakness..things you should work on..etc etc…
        You can give it a try if you are as free I am..😛

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  1. I for one not afraid to be alone

    Isolation is nothing new to me lacking the physical connection is what so many long for because human beings majority are embedded into their DNA to gravitate to one another.

    What is vital to finding that place of resolution is ascertaining your foundation of zen whatever that maybe your state of mind depends on you establishing the release to let your oxy flow. ” Primal Repr

    Co existing is not truly embracing Life




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